30 June 2010

Gift Giving Ideas: Think about it.

When you buy gifts for people, do you buy them what you'd like or do you think specifically about who they are?

I often speak of dustables: things that sit around collecting dust in the name of friendship. Very few people can buy me things I'd enjoy dusting. The process of picking the thing up, holding it in my hand, valuing our friendship, dusting the item and then replacing it is not open to just anyone.

I've bought dustables for friends, but only if I've heard them say they'd like the thing, or if it was a White Elephant item and I hoped it would make the rounds in regifting!

When buying gifts, consider personalities, interests, seasons of life & budgets.

Is your loved one tidy, fluffy, fun, extravagant? Do they live for the moment?
Some would prefer a magazine subscription while others would love a special dinner out.
One wants an experience, a trip or adventure, where another wants something of comfort or long term quiet enjoyment.

Does the recipient garden?
Take them to visit a lovely garden and give them a small but useful gift that will make their hobby more enjoyable. If you want something to wrap, get them a Garden caddy . . .a pocketed insert for a paint bucket that organises all your bits & bobs while you are wandering around the garden. $20

How about the traveler or the techie on your list?
Solio solar charger. Turn sunshine into power for your phone, iPod, laptop or games. Great for trampers, fishermen & campers too.

Velcro cord ties simplify what could be chaos in keeping cords & cables tidy. They are simple little strips that attach to your cord but then are reusable as you need to unwind wind your cables to move to the next place.

Another must have for many who go on long trips, whether in the car or by plane is an inflatable pillow to enhance lengthy sleep and stop the neck ache. Less than $20!

Consider both summer activities & rainy day options.
Lifestyle books . . . . those How To's for the loved one who says they 'd like to try something but might not even know where to begin. I started painting watercolours because of such a book & it has opened whole new vistas for me! Who woulda thought?

What of games, balls, inflatables, small coolers/chilly bins for the beach or short walks, art kits, beach mats, playing cards, puzzle books, a stack of recycled good reads from various genres?

Consider themes for kits of useful items.
Does someone have their first car or a new car, boat or caravan?
How about a plastic tote or bucket filled with ArmourAll wipes, glass cleaner, an air freshener, microfibre cloth, and rags?
Or something specific to fishermen, hikers, artists, readers, equestrians?

It's easy to wrap up some bath wash or a tie. A gift given with thought is worth more than one given in haste.


Chero said...


Listen to these wise words of this "Master" in gift giving. She is a wonderful gift-giver who gives from the heart!

p.s. No dustables included....

Sonia said...

Quality Time is the best gift ever...!! Thanks for sharing.