24 June 2010

Generational Processes

When I was a kid . . . .
Ever hear your parents or grandparents begin a story like that? Were they making a comparison so you'd see things their way? Were they trying to say the old ways were good enough?

You know, I had great relationships with my grandparents and I loved to hear their stories, but one of the most fascinating times of conversation with one of my grandfathers was when he was taking stock of the pace of change over the years of his life. One invention or development made many more things possible which accelerated the rate of change in other areas.

I know that we can become self-centered and ethnocentric. What about when we think our generation has it right and the others need to conform? That goes for older or younger people! What would we label that, other than short-sighted?

Read on as Sean Marston writes about his perspective of young people joining in on something, in this case, Christian faith.
Let me tell you about an idea I am trying to explore: For older Christians the way into the Christian faith was: First you behave, then you believe and then you belong. Young Christians today see it the other way around. First you seek to belong, then you come to believe and then finally you behave. These opposing views of coming into the Christian faith is causing friction between generations. It also means that often we are trying to bring young people into the Christian faith in ways that they cannot relate to. What do you think – let me know at: sean@youthmesh.org

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