25 May 2010

Transitions, Junctures, Unknowns

Esther Meeks writes of what she calls the junctures in her life, the seasons or transitions, the liminal spaces she finds herself in and moving through. Where are you? At what juncture, what threshold, what intersection? Do you see your way ahead or are the unknowns looming scarily ahead?

Esther writes of a physical move to a different part of the US than she had known, of her faithful dog's illness and potential demise, of her daughter's engagement and the changes in her home. Read more of Esther's stories on her original blog post or just see what is in this excerpt for you. Esther is Associate Professor of Philosophy, Geneva College, and author of Longing to Know: The Philosophy of Knowledge for Ordinary People

"Who am I? I am a juncture of stories, and a story of junctures. I am especially aware of the junctures this week.

. . . .

I can lose myself in the junctures. For a juncture changes the story in a rug-yanking way. In the moments, days, months, just after the juncture, significance is up for grabs. Including my own. Who am I?

The center of history is a juncture. God gave up his Son, to death…and then to marriage. In the earth-quaking darkness of Good Friday, my identity and yours hung in the balance with Christ’s. I was defined in that horrific hour. No here-and-now juncture will define me more deeply than that one did.

In the dark space just after a juncture, it, and I, may seem otherwise. I may marvel at the shift, taste the silence, bear the ache of longing, seek the presence of the Love that will not let me go, and wait patiently for the sense of the new thing, and of who I am, to unfold."

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