28 September 2008

Without Wax: I'm Tired of this Game

In preparing to speak to his faith community, Pete Wilson had these simple but profound thoughts: Check out the comments from his readers on Without Wax September 24, 2008 64 Comments I've linked to Without Wax in my blogroll, not just because he uses Mac stuff as examples.

Now from Pete:
This week we’re talking about envy and this afternoon I’ve been focusing on “comparisons” and how they feed envy inside of me. I play this game all the time.
I wish I could lead like . . .
I wish I was creative like . . .
I wish I could preach like . . .
I wish I could cast vision like . . .
But comparison is a deadly game. The danger of comparison is no matter who you do it with, eventually there is always someone whose prettier, smarter, faster, more connected or higher-up then you. They’re more _______________________.

There is always somebody more.

The danger of comparison is that we find ourselves looking to other people for our value and determining our value by how we compare with other people.

You put two similar things side-by-side and compare them. We all do it when we comparison shop. It’s okay for cars, golf clubs, and shoes… but not for people. For people, comparison is deadly.

We have a tendency to keep looking over our shoulder to see who gets the car we wanted, the job we needed, the spouse we desired. Who has the most gifted children, the bigger blog, and whose got the latest iBook, iMac, iPhone or anything else that starts with an i.

I’m tired of playing this game. How about you?

What kinda fruitless and frustrating comparisons do you make?

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