13 September 2008

Messy Spirituality

Life gets messy.
I'd say a messy spirituality is a real spirituality.

Is your spirituality tidy?
Does it all fit in a box with no loose ends or stray questions or paradoxes?

Do you live in the real world with alcoholics, suicide, infertility, cancer, flash floods, Mother's Days & Father's Days that are more torture than a celebration?

I'm not depressed and I hope my words haven't burst your bubble.
I actually take comfort in my messy spirituality. I find it is more resilient than some tidy versions I've seen where, if you were to pull one block out of the wall, the whole thing might sway or topple.

Integrity in my faith means that questions do not threaten it, but give it more clarity, more substance and authenticity. I do not see the need to defend my positions so much as to understand other positions better and be enriched.

In my comfort with my messy spirituality, in my quiet confidence, maybe others won't be offended by me so much and, just maybe, they'll see the Jesus I know and love.
He's comfortable with my messiness.

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