16 September 2008

Entertainment, or just Outrageous?

Outrageous Fortune is one of New Zealand's top dramas. The Wests are a one-family crime wave with a proud tradition in thievery, larceny and petty crime, until now. When patriarch Wolfgang West is sentenced to four years in jail, his wife Cheryl decides enough is enough; the family are cleaning up their act and going straight. Can the Wests live up to Cheryl's resolve and stay out of crime? It's not easy to be a saint when you have the DNA of a sinner.

Outrageous Fortune follows one cheerfully trashy crime family's attempts to stay out of trouble: matriarch Cheryl, determined to save her brood from following in their father's footsteps, eldest son Jethro, an ambitious lawyer-to-be with a few secrets, Jethro's twin Van (identical except in the brains department) who only wants to be like his dad, 18-year-old Pascalle, who wants to be Rachel Hunter, 15-year-old movie buff Loretta, who is blackmailing her teacher, and Grandpa Ted, who may have Alzheimer's - unless he's just playing it up to annoy people.

Then there's Detective Sergeant Wayne Judd, the West family nemesis; the Hongs, a wealthy Asian family who may or may not have Triad connections, Caroline Darling, Loretta's deputy principal, who has been having an affair with Jethro since he was a 15-year-old student, Munter, Van's best mate and partner in crime, and Wolf himself, who does not intend to take his wife's sudden wave of righteousness lying down.

Outrageous Fortune is a family comedy-drama about the wrong sort of people trying to do the right thing when the rewards for going straight are neither immediate nor bountiful. Outrageous Fortune is a bold, fresh comedy-drama which is by turns bawdy, action-packed, satirical and trashy - but only ever a heartbeat away from reality.

When I read the ad in the newspaper for this show, I was nearly reeling thinking that if people could write this kinda stuff then why can't they solve the issues of society? If the politicians watch this kinda garbage, do they have any plans for solving such a dysfunctional society?

It's crazy, but, as the write up says, only ever a heartbeat away from reality.

What kind of church would be needed to address these ills of society?
Would the people in this show, or in these neighbourhoods, be at home in your church?
Would you want them to be?
What if Jesus featured in all of this? What difference would it make?

out·ra·geous (out-rjs)adj.
Grossly offensive to decency or morality.
Being well beyond the bounds of good taste: outrageous epithets.
Having no regard for morality.
Violent or unrestrained in temperament or behavior.
Extremely unusual or unconventional; extraordinary.
Being beyond all reason; extravagant or immoderate.

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