15 October 2015

Common Grammar Mistakes Professional Should Avoid

Thanks copyblogger for the following infogram.  
Some others I try to pay attention to as I speak ...  

1.) "idn't it" instead of "isn't it".  
2.) Using "that" instead of "who" when referring to people. "The people that come out for such events..."  
3.) Amount instead of number when it's something to be measured, not counted.  "The amount of people who come out for such an event..." Or "The amount of water to fill that number of glasses."  
4.) in some regions of the world, people use "got" more often. In the US, I saw informed speakers cringe when I used "got" instead of merely "have". So regional grammar is often a factor in spoken language.   
5.) My 5th grade teacher said people who swear are either ignorant or lazy. They're too dumb to know any better words, or they're too lazy to explore alternatives.  
6. Say as much as you can in as few words as possible. This was modeled by my maternal grandfather, Frank W. Wright, and makes for easier listening in this info saturated world.   

Add your own or point out my typos and mistakes.   

In the following infogram, notice the creator says "goofs that make you look silly." Professional people work with all sorts of clients. Their confidence in you may be increased by good grammar, or not.

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